Galaxy Battles and the Golem Wars

Okay, this is the rules page. Duh.

If you have any questions e-mail me or look on another page.

How to host your own game :   What you need: A Note Book (like the 70 page ones.) a pen, (please do not use a pencil.) Imagination, and....  Someone to play it with.

What to do: You ask someone to play and if they say yes ask them for a name.                (Examples: Botgi, Flabble, or Mocoman.)                

Then you write it down in a profile section that you've created. Also record their real name next to it.

Next you have to have a handful of characters with a power total of around 18 and a symbol.  (Examples: HP.2 LP.12 Hi.2)

Then they choose one, record it and its symbol,HP,LP, and Hi. Then you let them draw a picture that symbolizes themselves on the profile. You're ready to play when you have a premade map.

Rules To Play:

1. Character must start on the host's pre-chosen Start spot.

2. Follow the characters powers. If they make a mistake it is their problem. An example of this is someone with 1 Hi. Tries to jump 2 Hi. He then free falls until he hits another platform or falls of the page. Falling of the page automatically gives you a game over and takes all your points away.

3. When you are attacked by an enemy they do the first damage unless it is a golem (boss). If you encounter a boss, you deal damage first unless it says otherwise. When you kill a enemy you get a point. When you kill a boss you get 3 points.

4. Spiked platforms deal 1 damage. Waterfalls make you free fall if hit. Lavafalls deal 2 damage and make you free fall. Lavapits deal damage if fallen into. Waterpits deal 0 damage but they slow your Hi. - 1. Unless character stats say otherwise.

5. You can not land on walls. If you free fall onto one, you think of a # between 1-34 and the person playing guesses. If he/she gets it right on, he/she will choose which side they slide off onto. If they guess under it they slide right. If above, they slide left.

6. Locksmith smockless friend. I like saying random things. Dirt.

7. If the host does something unfair, such as the boss freefalling to you, deal with it, it's his game that you are playing. Unless it is something CHEATABLE like making you lose all your LP, then they have no right.

8. When you win a game tally your points into your total powers. Rotate downwards until all points are out. Record in profile. Example:    Points: IIIII. Five points. Add one to the HP, then LP. Then hi. And repeat till all are out.

9. If you get a game over, by falling of the page. Losing all your LP. Or Giving up, you lose all your points for that round. Previous game points stay recorded in the profiles. 

10. WARNING: Some maps use objects that are only explained in other books!

11. THe maximum amount of Hi. you may get is 7.


If there are any more rules you think I should add, please contact me.

Yes, I am horrible at drawing, this is Dinosore, a character from Galaxy Battles and the Golem Wars Character Book. He looks nothing like how I drew him. I traveled to the planet Suarenaro to get his picture. This picture was the best one I could get, awesome!

   If you can read this I  am ruining your eyes! Ha! Yeah Woo Hoo!

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